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Client Testimonials


"To start off, let me first say it has been an absolute blessing to work with you, Mary. You have connected with my family so much in the recent weeks while we built this website. That is such an important part of the big picture, to understand your client fully. I am not always great at trusting people. In the past; I have really been hit pretty hard by others. I trust you completely and that has made this venture so easy for us.

Your passion and vision is very visible in the work you do. Your patience is such a relief as I have fumbled through this operation. Thank you. Whether I was in pajamas with a child in my lap at my computer and a couple dogs at my feet, or sitting with my Palm in my hand at a restaurant, you are always there for me. Again, I thank you. 

There will be times in the future, Iím certain of it, that I will need your help as Iím fumbling my way through all of the technical stuff and you had better believe youíll see me in your inbox. As for Colleagues, Friends, and people I run into, I will pass along your contact information for web design.

Mary, you have such a gift. Thank you for sharing your talent with my family. You are such a delight, and I have enjoyed our nonsense chats too. I hope you know that you are officially on my Christmas card list and you KNOW Iíll be sending you many e-mails through the rest of my days.

I wish you and your family and the "girls" at your feet, all the best that life has to offer. May your dreams come true the same way you have helped my dreams & visions become a reality."
The Taylor Family, Keith, Tammy & Austin - Diamond Labs Ranch


"This sounds unusual, but when I got onto your site, I could immediately sense that you resonated within the heart of yourself, that within your designs you were creative because it came from a passion or a depth of spirit within you.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I can see your light and love within your works." 
-Margit Robson, Twin Souls Centre


"Mary~ I'm absolutely amazed with your ability to create a "happy" and elegant, as well as playful and professional looking website on a fairly small budget. I couldn't have asked for more. I love it!

Thank you for being so patient with me. And thank you for all of your guidance and wonderful suggestions. Our website definitely has the "Wow" factor. Ain't no cheese here!

I'll miss working with you and seeing you in my inbox everyday. That's for sure! Thank you so much for everything" 
~ Tammy -  Safe 'N Happy Pets


"Mary has designed two beautiful, functional, fantastic websites for me for two very different businesses.  Maryís warmth and expertise makes the entire process joyful and actually fun in what could otherwise be a draining and cumbersome chore.  If  Mary isnít sure of the execution of a certain task that you desire, she searches and searches until she can then understand and perform the technical function that you desire for your website.  Maryís insight as she works with her clients is phenomenal, and she is able to quite often make recommendations to make your website flow easier and more efficiently. 

I would, and have, highly recommend Mary for the construction of your website."

Christine Schreibstein,Co-founder
Living Symbols

"Working with Mary has been a pleasure and a privilege.  Her artistic vision is in a class by itself.  

While most websites simply look businesslike, hers combine the best of that with an element of magical fantasy in elegant taste that I haven't seen anywhere else.  It gives the site a character that's highly aesthetic and out of the ordinary.  

She has always been remarkably sensitive to my personal concept of what I want in my site; and she has had endless patience and kindness with my often eccentric ideas and confusing revisions - which is a heroic accomplishment for anyone! 

I feel not just thoroughly satisfied, but inspired and fulfilled by the end result.  The process has been both a productive partnership and an enjoyable friendship. I recommend Mary with the greatest enthusiasm, if what you want is a very special, effective and memorable website!
~Nick, Cellist, NYC


"Working with Mary was an incredible journey in itself.  She usually knew what I wanted done before I even told her, or knew myself.  She took my words and thoughts and put them into an inspirational piece of art.  She is a truly gifted, gentle, and very creative woman, who very gently and patiently guided me through  a mass of information to create a website far beyond my dreams. Thank you Mary, for creating a very important part of my soul's mission here upon earth."
 ~ Nora, Sacred Spaces Gift Shop and Alternative Healing Teaching Center


"I am so proud of the website Mary designed for me!

Unlike the first designer I hired, Mary totally understood the nature and goals of my business and knew how to communicate that through pictures, form and flow.  

Not only is her design aesthetically pleasing, it invites the seeker to explore all the pages.
Mary is a joy to work with.  She is ever so patient and kind, and really hears what you say, and she has the uncanny ability to bring the ideas to life."

~ Donna Kemper, Innovative Hypnotherapy Center


"Mary is truly an earth angel that manifests gorgeous websites. While it was past time to have a website of my own, the very thought of doing so made my hair hurt. Through providence and networking, I was introduced to Mary, and the connection was immediate. She is patient, kind, extremely knowledgeable, and has a wonderfully wacky sense of humor that made the entire process nothing short of pure joy.  Anyone would be blessed to have her work for them in the designing and managing of their personal website."  
~Chris Schrebstein, Inner Balance


"Mary, It has been a pleasure working with you on the design of my website.  I love your wonderful sense of humor!
You are an artist, a consultant and a friend. 
I appreciate the recommendations given which saved me from making costly mistakes. Thank you so much for all your help." 
- cj, The Bridal Experience


"Dear Mary, Thank you for your beautiful work, it has been a pleasure working with you. You have given me exactly what I wanted, and I look forward to working with you further."
Peace and Sincerity, 
Sandie - The Enchanted Cottage Bed and Breakfast


"While waiting on a 12-year-long vision for things to come to pass, in this case, the  Words of A Witness web site, you just go on and do things normally without giving it much thought because the Lord has it all under control and in His timeframe of things. 

Then without notice, you see something that starts the plan in motion, and in my case, I was sent an email from a friend with an '' piece in it. It was so beautiful and heart-warming, reflected a gentleness of spirit, and fit right into my vision of the web site. 

I contacted Mary and we started things in motion. With her vision of how a site needs to be configured and with her knowledge of the systems, it was painless on my part to have this site finished and up and running. When you view this site you will feel the passion and love she put into a creation of her own.

I give my Lord the credit for the site with His assistance from Mary. I am so grateful for my Lord sending Mary to construct and create a vision 12 years in waiting."  
Thank you Mary, for your kind and gentle spirit,

~ Pastor Eddie, Words of a Witness Ministry


"Mary is a website design wizard.  It is a huge joy to work with her.  She is professional, patient, soothing and so talented.  

I have gotten so many compliments on my website.  I have recommended her to many of my colleagues.  She has also become an awesome friend and gift to me, personally.  
Thanks Mary for shining your light so brightly and sharing your kindness and gifts."  
- - Jackie Eaton, Angelights


"Mary, I believe Diggs' Blues was one of the first band sites you did as Eye Candy. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed, as did our fans, every page you created for us, and look forward to creating a new web site with you.
You are bright, talented, and a heck of an artist yourself."
  - Rick Penny, Guitar and Vocals,  Diggs' Blues


"Mary,It has been a pleasure working with you on our web site. 
We are thrilled with your art work and how easy you made the whole experience. 
Please let others know how happy we are with you and your services."
- Gayla, The Talent Fairy - A Talent Agency

"Mary, thanks for the data about meta tags, site optimization etc. I totally agree with you.
I like a person who gives you the information that you asked for, no double talk - just straight to the point. 
So, just wanted to let you know I like the way you communicate. 
You can count on any and all recommendations from us.  Thanks for the work." 
-Terri Walker, The Talent Fairy Talent Agency


"Dear Mary, with regards to your service(s) you provide to myself and others, i'd like to say that the work is always 1000% gone over and checked for correctness, service/changes/info always available, never a time without your overlooking/correcting/adjusting all aspects of your work
....I would (and have) recommended you to anyone who is interested in having this type work performed for them... you have my best wishes and ALWAYS a recommendation from myself on behalf of my company, National Furnace.. thank you kindly," 
- Mark T. Serrenti , Owner, Nat'l Furnace Heating and Air-Conditioning,  llc, 


"Hi,Came across one of your sites this evening, immediately the music "Emmanuel" commenced it was so relaxing. The images I thoroughly enjoyed viewing, particularly with the music playing in the background.

Have this evening passed on the site to nearly 30 colleagues within the Medical and religious fraternity, to view and hopefully join.

I treat patients, mainly Ex. Military personnel and the EMS who are severely emotionally ill from the sights and scenes they have encountered. I honestly believe this site could assist many just by the relaxing images, and peaceful relaxing music. I thank you for the site which certainly relaxed me after a heavy day assisting and treating many patients.

May The Lord richly Bless You for the love and work you have put in to this site."

All Blessings, 
Rev & Dr. David Bennett (Director) Trauma Centre, (UK)


"Mary I sure do miss you! It was a truly wonderful experience working with you, It seems you knew exactly what I wanted before I said anything, you were alway's several steps ahead of knowing exactly what I was hoping for, and you far exceeded my expectations. 

I love checking out your new creations.
Talent from the heart and spirit.
I hope one day to work with you again on another project. "

Love and Prayers Linda Nipper, "Linda's Fountain"


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