Images are .jpg formal vintage graphics and page scans ranging from approximately the sample size shown, to a large 2048 pixels, as shown in the sample below. The larger graphics may be suitable for hardcopy printing, if you have a print template you can use to create a higher res. image that is a printable version of the graphic. You may also use a graphics editor to resize or add text to the large images for practical use. Most have their botanical or popular names.

Click the teeny image below to view the larger graphic's full size

 1sample.png (4731124 bytes)

These images are downloadable as a .zip file  for personal and illustration use. Perfect for vegetable gardening journals, illustrating vegetable garden plant listings with their healthy attributes, and for illustrated guides to organic gardening and healthy lifestyles. Also helpful for creating menus, healthy lifestyle resources, and for teachers, garden seed and plant suppliers.

Individual images from this collection, or the collection itself, may not be shared online or offered for download. Use of images online requires a credit link to wherever the images are used.

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45 Vintage Botanical Illustrations 
 -Vegetables For The Home Gardener


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