The diff with TIFF

 .TIFF files are larger than .jpgs, but will not lose any quality or clarity when edited and saved repeatedly. 
Jpgs, will lose a small amount of quality and clarity each time they are saved. This collection is in .tiff format.

The collection contains full-color images in various sizes that are up to approximately 1300 pixels in size

Colorful, lossless quality .tiff images are excellent for creating your documents, online or printed artwork. 

200 Full-Color Realistic Botanical Illustrations that were commonly seen on vintage seed packets and in nursery seed catalogs. Perfect for gardeners, botanists, farmers, nurseries, growers, plant lovers, and lovers of nostalgic art. 

May be reproduced to create your own printable seed packets, for catalog artwork, tags and notecards. Vintage seed packets and catalogs were beautifully drawn and the artwork is realistic and bright.

For personal use. If used on a web page or in digitally distributed documents or catalogs, a credit for the collection and link to is required. Images may not be shared online, sold, or offered for download. Images or the collection may not be posted and shared on social media or image harvesting sites like pinterest, instagram, or flickr. 

Great collection of botanical illustrations and a good resource for teachers and students, scrapbooking and garaden journals.

Click the pic below to view another example of the actual size 
of the image you will receive in your .zip file download.

**Downloads are tested regularly** 
Please be sure you have room on your computer for the download. 
Empty temp/cookies/recycle bins to make way for it. 
There is no refund for failure of the tested downloads, 
nor the contents of the collection.

Download is quite large, approx.  370 mb in size.

After you purchase your download, you will be sent to our 
download page ( or for the .zip file and downloading instructions.

200 (and a few bonus pics) Full Color Seed Packet 
Botanical Illustrations in lossless .tiff format


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