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A collection of French Botanical Illustrations of plants used in medicine during the 18th century. An excellent botanical and artistic resource for anyone studying herbalism, or interested in creating an historically correct medicinal garden  and combining flowers and herbs.

Nicolas Regnault was an 18th century French painter, draftsman, and engraver. 

The selected illustrations are from his book titled,
"La Botanique Mise À La Portée de Tout Le Monde, Collection Des Plantes d'Usage En Médecine" - Paris 1774

The images aren't named in the pkg., but they are grouped in French alphabetical order. 
This download is a . zip file
Images are low res, and in .jpg format. 
Image size is approximately as shown above.  
Download is 13.2 mb in size. 

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Regnault Collection $9.99

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