This Illustration collection includes medicinal herbs also used in cooking, ornamental shrubs, trees and flowering plants, such as cinnamon bark, licorice, dill, caraway, horseradish, oregano, juniper, Christmas Rose.

Sources: A selection of pages from "Medical Botany" (1836)
Dr. John Stephenson, Botanical Illustrator
James Morss Churchill, Botanical Illustrator

All images approximately the size shown above, 600-800 pixels

Excellent collection of artistically pleasing and colorful images of botanicals used in medicine
A good resource for gardeners,herbalists and students of holistic medicine, horticulturists, and landscape planners as a reference. A nice selection for horticulturists, botanists, and use in creating a listing of medicinal plants with corresponding images. 

The collection contains more of the most commonly known, ornamental, and popular garden and wild plants used in healing and cooking Almost all of these illustrations include the scientific botanical name of the plants on the artwork.

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Herbalist's Dream Collection

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