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Sources Include: 
Pictorial Monograph of Birds (1885)
Numata Kashu (1838–1901)
Ohara Koson (1877–1945)
Svenska Fåglar (1929)
Utamaro Kitagawa (1753–1806)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art explains the process of Japanese woodblock printing:.

"To create a woodblock print in the traditional Japanese style, an artist would first draw an image onto washi, a thin yet durable type of paper. The washi would then be glued to a block of wood, and using the drawing's outlines as a guide, the artist would carve the image into the wood's surface. The artist would then apply ink to the relief. A piece of paper would be placed on top of it, and a flat tool called a baren would help transfer the ink to the paper. To incorporate multiple colors into the same work, artists would simply repeat the entire process, creating separate woodblocks and painting each with a different pigment." Amazing and quite beautiful.

Color images are approximately 600-800 pixel .jpgs. Sample used on this page is 800 pixels.

This collection is wonderful if you are a nature and birdlover, a landscaper or gardener and for lovers of Japanese art.  The paintings are a colorful resource in illustrating a gardener's journal, Asian-themed travel log, menus, and collections of digital Japanese art.

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Japanese Birds and Habitats Woodblock Prints


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