Hand-picked collection of 199 Large, vintage graphics 
-Christmas Cards, Postcard fronts, and Gift Tag Images from 1940s-1960s

When greeting cards were truly works of art, treasured and saved in a box for years. 
They don't make 'em like they used to.

High-quality .jpgs up to more than 1300 pixels in size.

These are the types of cards i remember hung on twine or ribbon, tape or clothespins, across the archways in our apartment when i was a child. They were not cheap glossy same-old cards printed on inexpensive stock. Some cards were printed on linen paper. Our parents wouldn't dream of sending a card that wasn't artistically beautiful. It was like a beauty contest. And yes, indeed, they were judged. Choosing the Christmas card you were sending was an event of it's own. Choices were made very carefully, and only the best and prettiest were considered as your Christmas greeting.

I was excited to be the one tasked with pasting the "Chrismas Seals"from The March of Dimes" on the backs of each envelope. I loved the cards with glitter best.

It was so exciting for a child to open these cards with the beautiful Christmas artwork. Read them, then attach them to that twine or ribbon to display proudly. The more the merrier. Did we get more than last year? More judgementally, who didn't send a card? It boosted the anticipation of the holidays. Writing out the cards was a traditional project for the days after Thanksgiving. Putting them away in a box was the project for the day after New Year's.

Enjoy the colorful greetings and illustrations.

 Beautiful for personal pages, digital greetings, holiday letters, and personal blogs. I will eventually be snow-animating several of these pretty graphics. More retro-graphics to come! Very little cropping and re-sizing may need to be done. A beautiful collection, especially because many of them bear the original headings and greetings printed by the card companies, and can be sent digitally, as they were designed in the past.

All Samples shown on this page are the actual size of the graphic you'll receive.

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