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L’ Illustration Horticole (1854-1896)
Revue horticole (1852-1974)
Flore des serres et des jardin de l’Europe (1845-1880)
Curtis's botanical magazine (1800-1948)

Edwards Botanical Register (1815-1828)
Flore des serres et des jardin de l’Europe (1845-1880)


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Various size .jpgs. Most images are approximately
1200x700, and as depicted in these examples.
Page scans of decorative foliage plants from several 19th century horticultural sources
Some unavoidable and minor page fold lines may be present on some of the images.

These colorful images are great for your personal indoor and outdoor gardening
pages,  and for botanically-correct reference. I've used these to reference
houseplant cuttings that were not identified when i adopted them.

Downloads are tested regularly. Please be sure you have room on your computer
for the download. Empty temp/cookies/recycle bins to make way for it.

***Do not download the free set, if you wish the complete
set of of 70 images, so that you don't purchase duplicate images

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