These are big, beautiful high resolution, predominantly full color illustrations, with a few sepia botanicals
 - various large sizes - up to approximately 3500 pixels in size.

These images are downloadable as a .zip file

Perfect collection of high quality, llarge graphics of exotic flora - flowers, mushrooms and other species of plant 
life. Great for gardeners, researchers, botanists, horticulturists, floral research databases and catalogs

These images are quite large and colorful, and will probably be 
well-suited to be used with Word templates for personal print projects

Use of these images online requires a credit link to wherever the images are placed.

***Images and collection are not permitted to be shared
online or 
offered for download
on social media or on sharing sites like pinterest.***

This collection will download as a .zip file to your computer.
You will then extract the files to save to a folder on your computer.

Download size is very large - approximately 550  mb

**Downloads are tested regularly** 
Please be sure you have space on your computer for the download. 
You may want to empty temp/cookies/recycle bin folders before downloading it.
There are no refunds for failed downloading to your computer of our tested .zip files, 
failed extraction to your folders on your computer, or the contents of our image packages.

After your purchase, you will arrive at the download page 
for instructions on downloading your .zip file

100 Exotic Plant Illustrations



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