388 Full-color,  decorative butterfly graphics in various sizes, derived from vintage botanical illustrations.

300 dpi scans saved as .tifs to suit most digital and hard copy uses, and may be saved multiple times without loss of quality. You may re-save them in any other format you require. But bear in mind that those saved in other formats won't be totally lossless after multiple saves, as .tifs would be.

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You will then extract the files to save images to a folder on your computer.

**Downloads are tested regularly. Please be sure you have space on your computer for
the download. Empty temp/cookies/recycle bin to help make space for it before downloading. 
There is no return on failed downloads of tested files, or images within the collections.

This is a large download, approx. 195mbs in size. 
The zip file will contain 3 separate folders of of numbered images.

Samples above and below.

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Restrictions: Images and collection are not to be posted, shared or offered for download online. 
They may not be used on social media or image harvesting sites like pinterest, instagram or flickr.
For personal use online, a credit and link back to eyecandee.com  on the pages the images are used is required.

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