Boomers were raised to eat what was put in front of us. Spam was promoted as a Super Food, and Mystery Foods Jiggled in a Gelatinous structure. Those horrors were the least of it. I was fortunate to be raised on an ethnic diet and not experimented on. 
It didn't end there..... elegant dinner and cocktail parties featured these crimes as well. Presented in expensive chafing dishes to class them up.

The 50's and 60's are the gold standard of the nuclear family. 
Moms stayed home and apparently lived in the kitchen. You never saw them out of it. Unless they were grocery shopping.
The family table was a sacred rite, and our meals eaten together, and plentiful. 
Whatever possessed some women to delve into the supernatural world of canned and boxed atrocities complete with dubious recipes, I cannot fathom.

This is a  collection from my personal stash of illustrations and mid-century food ads. I have some framed on my dining room and kitchen walls to show picky eaters why they should be thankful.. Graphics are sourced from vintage advertisements in magazines, cookbooks pamphlets, trade cards, calendars and give-aways. Most graphics include the recipes. There are a few pre-50's graphics included.

These samples of the boomer ads and menus are reduced quite a bit (50-80%). The graphics you receive are large. The recipies were cropped out temporarily, and only the main images are shown, to save space on this page.

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