Shown above is one of the covers of one of the vintage recipe notecard graphics at the actual size of the graphic you will receive. The collection contains various large size .jpg images.

Recipe notecards like these were sold in tourist areas all over the U.S.

An excellent, curated collection of 40's-60's recipe notecard graphics. Large, .jpg format. Clean and ready to use except for a little cropping or personalized re-sizing. These are great to use with stationery and greeting card templates to design and print your own hard copy cards. There are a lot of free printing templates available online for download. If you have a native graphics/photo editing program, you're all set.

This collection requires a little bit of 'splaining...... These vintage cards were sourced from notecards that were distributed in tourist areas. They came in sets. Therefore, there will be duplicate cover art, or duplicate recipes using different cover art. I added all parts of the card in this collection. In other words, i added, rather than eliminated, the covers as they were with the notecards.

Some cards had a pretty cover, a blank inside to write a note, and the vintage recipes on the backs.
Some cards had the pretty cover, a folk tale on the inside, and the recipe on the back. Some series of cards had a pretty cover, design on the top of the inside, blank on the bottom half, and recipes on the back. Several cards are holiday themed single cards.
So, as you can imagine, scanning would be a challenge. There are some recipe card graphics saved 2-3 at a time as one image.
These actually have a potential for cropping the pieces, saving them separately, and ending up with over 300 graphics.

You are receiving a set of large .jpg graphics. Some are singles of cover art, some are the covers and the recipe backs together. You can crop these into 2 different graphics. Switch covers for the recipe cards, if you like with the cover graphic. Use the covers for graphics you wish to create for different subject themes.

These vintage recipes are awesome, as well. The subjects and art of the cards include old-fashioned Pennylvania Dutch, Southern, Swedish, Italian and Colonial recipes. Some sets of cards, as in the Pennsylvania Dutch images, also depicted the cultural backgrounds and customs of the people going about their daily lives. There are a lot of artistic possibilities using these images.

Scroll down for a few reduced examples of what's in the collection. 

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