The Well-Dressed, Deliriously Happy, and Home-Bound Devoted "Housewife"

145 awesome images of housewives in their native habitat. Usually the kitchen. Almost all are full color, but there are some really neat black and whites. So many good ones, that i reduced some or clipped parts of them as the samples shown on this page of what's in the collection. As chauvenistic and offensive the portrayal of women are to today's woman, they convince me that we really did come a long way, baby. You would think that dressing up with your lipstick, high heels, dresses, nylon stockings and pearls, scrubbing floors and using the newest appliances in a hot kitchen had orgasmic potential. Most, if not all, advertising execs back in the day were men. No wonder some women needed Mother's Little Helpers. These are copies of the original ads and pages from housewife guidebooks.

These graphics have been digitally enhanced, and are from my personal collection of mid-century ads. A few of the images will have grainy appearances because the vintage ephemera had age wear or were on thin newspapers with visible ghosting from the previous page. These can probably be worked out with a graphics program.They are still very useable. These are large to extra large images. They may be cropped, and pieces can be cropped from each to create more graphics. Adding your own amusing text puts some of these graphics over the top.

Samples below are greatly reduced pieces of the large ad to show you the themes. 

Packages will be delivered as .zip files. You will download, extract, and save the images to your own computer.

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