Comprehensive vintage art sources that were utilized to create this collection include:

The Fruit Grower's Guide late 19th century

Redoute, Botanical Illustrations
USDA National Agricultural Library
Elizabeth Twining, Illustrator 19th Century
Fruit From Illustrations of Himalayan plants 1855
Maria Sibylla Merian late 17th century
Paul Cézanne

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Claude Monet
George Brookshaw, Illustrator 19th century
The Model Book of Calligraphy 16th century

These colorful, high-quality digital vintage botanical illustrations and paintings of edible fruits are perfect for 
botanical reference, gardening identification and design work, diet journals, and healthy
diet/lifestyle informational pages. 

Personal and business use on web pages is permitted. Individual images or the collection may not be 
posted and offered for download. A credit link to as your source of artwork is required 
when the images are used on, or as a part of, your web pages so that others may enjoy a visit.
***Individual images, or the collection itself, may not be posted and shared on social media or web pages

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100 Vintage Botanical Illustrations and Paintings of Edible Fruit

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