Scans, captures and photographs of nostalgic, vintage ephemera and prints are cropped, digitally-enhanced, and altered in some way
to create better images for your personal graphics work. Collections include free and premium graphics and animation collections

***Graphics in collections may not be displayed individually or collectively on social media sites, or shared on image-harvesting sites e.g, pinterest, flickr , etsy or instagram.. You may post your finished and re-designed graphics or artwork that utilized these graphics.

.Zip file downloads are regularly tested. We don't have a tech staff to help you if you cannot download. Please try emptying your computer's temporary files, trash bin, cookies folder, and check your security and anti-virus/malware settings to be sure that you can download files from the web, that you have room on your hard drive to download, extract and save the images. Best to do that before attempting the downloads. There is no refund for purchased and tested .zip packages that you cannot download or use. 

I label appropriate graphics packages as being "lossless .tif format". These are of a quality format that can be used to create multiple images and saves without losing image integrity, and are dependable print quality when sized and templated appropriately for hardcopy printing.

*If you purchase a graphics collection, your payment, thank you, and download page 
will often display as Our sites share the same landing page.

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Vintage and Retro Graphics

Modern Mid-Century Kitchen

40's-60's- Recipe Card Graphics
Vintage Pennsylvania Dutch, Swedish, 
Southern and Italian recipe cards

Travel Poster Illustrations

Mid-Century Housewifery

50's-60's Museum of Regrettable Foods

Retro Housewife - Kitchen Helpers

Marian Art Collection
- Blessed Mother

Pennsylvania Dutch Folkart Designs

Serenity Photos 
-for Meditation and Visualization

Japanese Garden Landscape Zen

Best of Currier and Ives

Art Nouveau -Goddess and Nature

Victorian Guardian Angels Angelic Collection Victorian Beauties
Advertising Labels Animal Kingdom Victorian Floral
Fruit  Labels/Seed Packets I Vintage Seed Packets II
-Flowers, Fruit and Veggies

Medicinal Herbs -from "A Healing Herbal"

Medical Botany illustrations
 from "De Materia Medica"

-Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement

Illustrations from "Temple of Flora"
Japanese Florals Botanical Illustrations - Redouté Blossoms and Bouquets
18th C. Botanical Illustrations
- Plants Used In Medicine 
Chinese Florals 19th C. Decorative Foliage
Botanical Illustrations
-"Plants For The Home Garden
Succulents and Cacti Nature And The Butterfly
"Best Vegetables For The Home Gardener" Bird Illustrations Botanical Illustrations of Edible Fruit
Garden or Farm to Table Botanical Medicine Japanese Art - Birds and Nature
 Butterfly Illustrations3
high res. tif format
Botanical Illustrations of 'Shrooms WWI and WWII Posters
Popular Propaganda Art
Exotic Plants Hiroshige -Japanese Woodblocks Vintage Botanical Illustrations
Cactus collection
Illustrations - Fruit and Flowers
 .tif format
Asian Art Collection
Vintage Greeting Cards and Holiday Graphics
Birthday Card Illustrations

Holiday Assortment

Retro Christmas Cards -1940s-60s Old St. Nick Victorian Father Christmas
Snow-Animated Church Scenes Retro Christmas Graphics
A Victorian Christmas

Vintage Easter Sparkle

Victorian Valentines
St. Patrick's Day  Thanksgiving Holiday Wee Folk
New: Nostalgic Christmas and Winter Animations-->

In progress....
Animated retro graphics sourced from 1940s-60s greeting cards, 
postcards and assorted vintage ephemera. Collections contain an 
assortment of snow, sparkle and/or candlelight animation.

Sample shown below is reduced 
50% for display purposes.

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